First Aid

All our accommodation partners, travel vehicles, trip leaders carry elaborate First-Aid kits along with necessary medical emergency ward contact numbers.

  1. First-Aid kit includes bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, and any necessary medical supplies for specific needs of the group are carried with the student group.
  1. The location and contact information for any nearby medical facilities, emergency numbers along with coordinates of key people are kept with the Trip leader.
  1. During the group briefings we collect information on students’ health cards and record any allergies or medical conditions to make sure that they have access to any necessary medical supplies or medications in case of emergency.
  1. Trip leader keeps a copy of important medical information, including any allergies or medical conditions any student has, and the contact information of doctor, caregivers and emergency contacts.
  1. The Caregivers ensure that students stay hydrated and eat nutritious foods to keep the body strong and healthy during the trip.
  1. We believe in the age-old practice of Buddy System. Each student chooses a buddy during the trip. If a student experiences any symptoms of illness or injury, the student’s buddy seeks medical attention immediately from the trip leader.
  1. We strictly follow any local health and safety guidelines, including wearing masks and practicing social distancing if required.
  1. Trip leader stays informed about the latest updates and recommendations from health authorities, and adjust the travel plans accordingly if necessary.
  1. The trip leader and caregivers brief students from time to time to stay calm and focused in the event of an emergency, and follow the instructions of medical professionals or emergency responders.
  1. Above all, students are briefed and advised to prioritize health and safety all time, and never hesitate to seek medical attention when they need it.