History & Culture

Cultural heritage is human history and values that enrich community life and are preserved over generations. It refers to cultural sites, monuments, folklore, traditional activities and practices, languages, customs, artistic expressions, etc. that are considered vital for preservation. People find a connection to certain social values, beliefs, religions, and customs, and this allows them to identify with others with similar backgrounds.

Cultural heritage provides people with a sense of unity and belonging within a group and allows them to better understand previous generations and the history of where they come from. The field trip is the most exciting way of learning about history, culture and geography. The students get to hear about historical events where they happened, touch and see real objects, looking at the geographical marvels is certainly more impactful than reading about it.

T-SOEL history, heritage and Geography field trips are unique combination of interdisciplinary practical education and immersive cultural knowledge. Experience from each trip solidifies learning and supports key academic theories. These trips enhance storytelling abilities and raises awareness to protect historical cultural heritage.

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