Seminars, webinars, outreach programs and workshops offer students an opportunity to interact with like-minded people. One can also end up learning with those who attend these workshops and collaborating with them.

Workshops promote conceptual learning over rote learning by giving students a hands-on experience, it is conceptual learning that makes education useful. Workshops often include practical tips that help students in learning more efficiently.

Workshops are a great source of motivation and inspire students to work harder, directing their hopes and ambitions towards achieving their goals.

T-SOEL plans workshops meticulously that are a great source of knowledge for students. The students attending these workshops show their skills across such forums and update their knowledge. These workshops also develop the studying, speaking, listening, and learning skills of students. These frameworks open the way for the practice of minds with the same ideas and behaviors.

Life skills and self leadership help to find their north. An extremely important skillset to lead life with confidence, it unleashes hidden potential, decision making, social communication skills and critical thinking.

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