Student Profiling

Student Information Platform

We provide a Student profile to improve the teaching and learning process. It helps students to achieve their goals and unleash their potential. It is the fundamental approach to ascertain the current state of a student with check in data, mapping aspirations and passion of the student, overall health ratios and life goals.

Profiling is all about identifying your strengths, weaknesses, and setting clear targets for the future. The objective is to build a personal profile and portfolio, to record the student’s learning curve and physical well-being.

This profile helps the educator, student and parent to make choices about identifying the portfolio of skills to be developed, knowledge curve, academic stream and career path.

The T-SOEL Student Information Platform (SIP) is a centralized database to help improve the student performance, inbuilt toolkit ensures regular communication with parents, student and educators with real time tracking.

The critical information of the student is stored on a cloud platform that is end to end encrypted and follows international security protocols.

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